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Trans Scandinavian Triathlon

Reach your potential

A life changing journey

2 Self supported ultra triathlon races 5550 km and 2430km

Welcome to the Trans Scandinavian triathlon

What if you could race in the most beautiful and challenging evironments you could imagine. To exerience fantastic diverse nature in a race with others with live tracking and updates. To push each other to new limits without support, with great scenery and full exposure. 


To achive this we provide solutions to the difficulties presented when racing in these environments transitioning between different sport over great distances.


The mission is to provide the toughest and most beautiful triathlon race in the world.


The route is designed so you will be exposed to some of the most beautiful places and people in Sweden and Norway, my native countries.


You will swim in ocean and lake, bike and run through open green fields, sandy white beaches, vast forests, mountain and fjords and breathtaking coastlines. This is the Trans scandinavian triathlon arguably the longest, most beautiful and toughest triathlon race in the world.


Kristian Kristiansen

Race director


Is this for you?

Please don't hesitate to contact us on the provided whats app number if you have any questions.